From a very young age we are taught “Mind over matter.” Most people interpret this as, “if I think it I can do it.” Or people think of someone standing out in the freezing weather telling himself or herself that it is not cold, trying to convince their body that the...

So often, I counsel families and the number one problem is that families do not know how to constructively work through disagreements with each other. So often

Yesterday, Lindsey and I set our intentions for Stories of Hope. As we meditate on what we hope for the future of the business, I have been thinking about what it looks like to set goals for ourselves. I am a natural goal setter. I find myself always striving for som...

Depression can be seen on a spectrum. It can range from mild depression and sadness to a debilitating and life-threatening illness. There are many articles on the symptoms of depression, but there isn’t much talk about the possible odd facts associated with this ment...

I built my Facebook account in January 2006. In the “About Me” section, I put “I love to hear people’s stories.” This has never changed. The concept of “Story” has followed me throughout my education, life and career thus far. It has changed

meaning over the years, bu...

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