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Fun Coaching

Counseling Tulsa

“Live & work, but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it” ~ Eileen Caddy.


What is fun coaching?

Have you ever felt like all of the joy has been sucked out of you? Have you ever thought to yourself “What is fun anymore?” or “I don’t even know what things I like anymore.”  Have you lost your zest for life, or maybe have never discovered it? Then fun coaching is for YOU! Fun coaching utilizes the power of play to help nurture and support well-being in all areas. Through a collaborative process with a fun coach, you can discover -or re-discover- what brings you joy. What does it feel like to let loose and just laugh and play? Through fun coaching, you will receive one on one help to re-discover what tickles your funny bone, and what puts the pep back in your step. 

How can I get some help?

We offer several packages to suit your needs!

FUNdamental Package:  Let’s get back to basics, shall we? Re-discover the power of play in your life in this package. This include 4 fun coaching sessions plus the initial intake session. 


Out of the Funk, into the FUN package: Have you been called Mr. or Mrs. Cranky Pants? No Fun McGee? Then this package is for you!  Create fun habits that will last a life time! This package is best suited for those who have been without fun in their lives for a while! This includes 8 sessions plus the intake session. 


FUNspiration Session:

This is a session to jump start the fun in your life. This is for those who just need a little boost from time to time. One session, no intake required. 


All fun coaching packages include:

-60-minute in person OR phone sessions (if needed by request)

-One e-mail a week

-One 10-minute check in phone call

-Personalized homework to help you practice having fun! 

-Exploration of play strategies

-Connection to fun resources 



Half-Day and Full-Day Fun-ventures! We offer fun coach-led, on-site fun outings for both  individuals and groups. These hands-on fun adventures include pre-planning, event coor-dination, on-site play coaching, and follow-up play work. Pricing varies by fun-venture and the number of people involved. This is a great way to build team work without making it a chore! 


*Payment is due prior to the fun coaching sessions. We strive to be able to help all people in need of fun, and offer a sliding scale in extenuating circumstances. Call to inquire about pricing.


* Please note that although the fun coaching will be provided by a licensed therapist, this is NOT a therapy service. This is one of a kind. If you need/want additional therapy, you will be referred to one of Stories of Hope’s other providers.

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