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At Stories of Hope, we are trained in hypnotherapy. We use a heart-centerered approach to get at the root causes of uncomfortable emotions, unhelpful beliefs and behaviors fast and empower to develop strategies to overcome these stressful occurrences. 

You will be aware of everything going on around you and in control of what you do and do not say. If desired, you can invite your spiritual connection into your session to help guide you through the process and heal you. 

Everyone can be hypnotized if they want to be. Have you ever found yourself driving on the highway and realize that you are farther than you thought you were. Or were watching tv and realized that you "zoned out" and don't know what's going on anymore? Have you experienced other similar occurrences? If so, you have experienced Trance and can be hypnotized. 

Important note: Hypnotherapy sessions are designed to be 90 minutes in length. Stories of Hope will bill insurance for maximum amount of time allowed (typically 50-67% of time spent). The client is responsible for the additional time of session charged at the same rate their insurance pays. 

Therapy Session
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