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Pain Management Therapy

Chronic pain is a huge problem in America and is an issue so many of people deal with. Usually dependency on opiates starts with someone being treated for legitimate pain. Chronic pain is unique in the fact that it affects every area of a person’s life and can cause enormous damage to a person’s psyche, but a lot of times is not able to be “fixed”. 

Stories of Hope offers pain management services in both the individual and group setting. Research has shown that psychotherapy for pain management significantly reduces pain and problems that come along with pain (addiction, depression, conflict in relationships, etc.). Pain management therapy incorporates the teaching of coping skills, relaxation techniques, behavioral changes, and ways to stay optimistic in the face of chronic pain. People with chronic pain need to learn how to function in spite of the pain and still enjoy life. People also have the option of focusing  on reducing an addiction to opiates and properly manage their pain medication regime without letting it get out of control.

In the group setting, members will enjoy having support from other group members who know what it is like living with chronic pain. This has shown to greatly help one’s own journey.  This group is educational, supportive, and therapeutic and uses a bio-psycho-social model.

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